How to Get a Bad Credit Bank Loan

How to Get a Bad Credit Bank Loan

Many people think that getting a bad credit bank loan is next to impossible. Time and time again, you hear stories of people who were denied a loan by their bank because of their credit rating� this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a bad credit bank loan under any circumstances, however.

The real key to securing a bad credit bank loan is making sure that the bank can see that it is worth their time to take the risk on you, and guaranteeing that they’ll get their money back no matter what happens.

If you’re not exactly sure how to do this, then read on; the information below will cover how to make yourself as attractive as you can to the loan officers at banks, as well as what to do if you’re denied a bad credit bank loan.

What banks look for

The first thing that you should do when looking for a bad credit bank loan is to stop and think about what banks look for when they’re making loan decisions. Though your credit is a major player in the loan decision process, the reason that it’s so important is that the bank wants to make sure that it’s not going to lose money by lending it to people who aren’t going to pay it back.

The best way to get past your bad credit is to choose the right collateral to secure the loan, and then make sure that you’re not asking for more money than the collateral is worth.

Choosing the right collateral

So what is the right collateral to secure a bad credit bank loan? Generally, you’ll want to use some collateral item that is high in value and that has a relatively easy to access market in case the bank has to take possession of it and put it up for sale. Home equity works wonderfully in this role, since the equity doesn’t require any specific market as it’s already in a form that can be easily transferred by banks. Other types of collateral that do well for these loans are real estate and automobiles.

Getting the most out of your loan

Once you’ve decided what you want to use as collateral for a bad credit bank loan, you need to decide upon the actual amount that you’re going to request a loan for. Ideally, you want to ask for an amount much lower than the value of your collateral; a lower asking amount can help ensure that the bank will get its money back even if it has to expend the additional costs of taking possession and putting the collateral item up for sale. The larger the difference is between the collateral value and the asking amount of the loan, then the more likely it can be that the bank will consider the potential for them losing their money to be worth the risk.

What to do if you’re denied

Of course, following these simple suggestions doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll be given a bad credit bank loan. If you find yourself denied the loan that you apply for, then you generally have two options. You can either apply for your loan at another bank, or you can choose an alternative lender such as a finance company or online lender and attempt to get your loan through them. These alternative lenders often consider individuals that most banks shy away from, and usually have different interest rates and repayment terms as well.


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